Monday, 26 December 2016

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Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) stands poised to change our world in ways as profound as the dawn of the Internet age, if not more so, by merging the physical with the digital. 2016 saw IoT begin to realize its potential.
Here are our picks for the most significant IoT trends in year 2016:

How the Internet of Things is revolutionizing retails?
The world of retails may never be the same, thanks to the internet of things (IoT) and the digital worlds in an ecosystem of computers, smartphones, tablets, vehicles, wearables and more.

How the Internet of Things improves airlines facility?
Airlines, operators of airport, airplane manufacturers and other travel and aviation industry suppliers are deploying Internet of Things technologies to improve travelers, and improving airlines facility experiences, as well as safety, maintenance and performance.

Safe with IoT sensors:
'Internet of Chicken' to improve food safety
It's using low-power wireless sensors and gateways to monitor walk-in freezers and refrigerators. If a temperature falls below a certain threshold, the system issues alerts.

Internet of things helping farmers:
Farmers are testing the use of wildfire hazards and sensors to detect motor vehicle damage.
The concepts are part of a corporate imperative to embrace emerging technologies.
Internet of things helping farmers to use sensors in their motor vehicle for damage detection so, they can repair damage of their vehicle that they are using in agriculture purposes.

How Internet of Things will change the job market?
Hard skills like circuit design and security will be critical, but there are other ways IoT will affect the demand for technical workers.

Internet of Things security:
Internet of Things offers numerous benefits in security, but we can't lose sight of security.
Many sensors and devices have come to market with security and privacy.

Internet of Things Magic:
Connecting smart devices is just the first act in an IoT production.
The magic happens when analytics transform data into business intelligence for data analysis.

IoT Adaption - Together We can!
To drive IoT adoption the real focus should be on connecting capital-intensive physical infrastructure or assets, such as plants, hospital equipment, electric grids, vehicles and pipelines. We have to recognize that an IoT program will not mean the same thing to everybody.
It will all depend on the business problem that you want it to solve.

Establish clear business objectives for your IoT program:
Identify business processes that could be streamlined to realize efficiency
Identify new opportunities to offer new value to your customers –
Both “within the four walls” and “outside the four walls” of the enterprise.
Identify opportunities of adjacencies both at functional and industry level.
Establish definitive roadmap for business outcome & technology roadmaps.
Invest in your own teams with right blend of process knowledge, technology.

Sharad Patil

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